About Kay Sentance

Having worked in Theatre for more than 14 years, I am generally used to the Art having an audience and working usually in a dark space.

Although still working in Theatre — over the past 5 years my work has gradually moved out of the “dark” and much more into our everyday surroundings where the “spectator” becomes partaker.

My roots being in interior architecture — which I studied in Duesseldorf, Germany — I'm ever more interested in our sense of space and our awareness within it.

In my own work I like to engage people through familiar circumstances in unfamiliar settings encouraging them to revisit everyday situations from a different perspective.

My work is quiet in action but loud in pulling on widely shared associations.

I suppose one could say the work draws from a sense of nostalgia but always playful with a pinch of humour.

Building Conservation is a late- but by no means a lesser - addition to my work.

I have found that the slower pace of Conservation work has proved to be a good balance to the fast passed Theatre work and compliment each other in many ways.

Although I am not a trained conservator I have — in the past— worked on restoring antiques for two years.

Many of the skills used in Theatre — such as decorative techniques — are similar to those used in conservation.

Bizarrely all the different strands to my work - although seemingly unrelated — all stem from my interior architectural beginnings.